Naked Girls at the Tanning Salon

written by $post.User.ProperName on Wednesday, November 19 2008


I like to go tanning a lot and I love to go a whole bunch more in the winter time. I always go totally naked so that I don't get any tan lines. I have knows some girls that like to wear panties so that they have major tan lines. I wonder if there are girls that wear a full bikini. Anyway I try to
take naked pictures when I go to the tanning salon every now and again. It is hard to do sometimes because my camera phone makes a loud noise and I am afraid that someone will hear me! I have tried to take them with the tanning bed turned on but that did not work so well.. here is one naked pic to get started. I would love to see some more girls in the tanning booth naked!

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  • Chris on on 12.17.2008 at 7:58 PM

    Chris avatar

    Very cute. :) I tan nude often, but I haven't for awhile. You've inspired me.

  • Jessica on on 12.28.2008 at 3:32 PM

    Jessica avatar

    yeah I finally stopped going for a little bit.. I think I will probably go back in another month or so.. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in the winter time :)

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